An Employee Owned Company

Partnership with Non-Profits

One of K+A’s celebrated Core Values is “Giving Back.”  Our professionals have lived and practiced the majority of their lives in Colorado.  As we end the first quarter of the year, we continue our mission of fundraising and sponsoring for various non-profits.  Angel Eyes is one of the long-standing non-profit partnerships that K+A has sponsored, attended, and raised money for more than 20 years.  Angel Eyes helps Colorado families cope with the sudden, unexpected death of an infant or toddler while raising awareness and supporting research.

The year started off with a Suds tor SIDS event held in March at Wings over the Rockies.  K+A was a corporate sponsor with many employees in attendance to support the event.  2022 was a record year for attendance and participation of vendors.  This year is filled with more events that K+A will proudly sponsor and can be viewed on the Angel Eyes website:

K+A will be hosting fundraisers and sponsoring more events benefiting non-profits throughout the year.  We will be announcing our annual holiday non-profit at our company golf tournament in May, so stay tuned for more!