Category: K+A Testimonials

Caleb R.

Thank you again for your support on this project.  You (James Parker) and your team delivered exceptional service.

Tom Schramer

You are lucky to have an employee like Lena (Fowlkes). Her professionalism, flexibility, and can do approach to accommodate my needs were exemplary. She really went the distance to help make things happen. And her attitude/pleasant humor is hugely appreciated. Equally up to par is field fella Chris (Newberry). He is always a pleasure to […]

Paul D. Butcher

…On behalf of the City of Colorado Springs, I am pleased to recognize Kumar & Associates, Inc. for their outstanding work in the development and implementation of this celebrated project. (Prospect Lake Liner System, Colorado Springs)

Justin Hildreth, P.E.

Kumar did a great job performing the needed geotechnical investigations, developing design drawings and other construction contract documents, assisting the Town during bidding, and providing construction management and engineering support services as well as observation and testing during construction.

Steven J. Gonser, EPST-III

Over the past several years I have had the outstanding pleasure of working with nearly a dozen Kumar & Associates employees. I would highly recommend Kumar & Associates and their technicians to anyone contemplating the hiring of such.

Michael Hall

K+A provides a high level of knowledge and thoroughness. They make themselves readily available and are good communicators. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend Kumar for your current geotechnical needs.