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OWTS Designs


K+A provides unique OWTS designs for residences along the Front Range and challenging mountain properties.  Our extensive experience in providing site evaluations for residential development helps us provide the right OWTS for your project.  Our understanding of current County and State regulations reduces the risk of delays and design changes during the permitting process.

  • Standard Systems including Trenches, Beds and Chambers
  • Pressure Distribution and Dosing Systems
  • Higher Level Treatment Systems
  • Mounded and Unlined Sand Filters
  • Non-Pressurized Drip Dispersal Systems (NDDS)
  • Soil Replacement including Processing and Reuse of Existing Soil and Bedrock
  • As-Built Evaluations

Designers, for your next project we are able provide visual and tactile evaluations of soil profile test pit excavations in the area of the proposed Soil Treatment Area (STA) to establish a Long-Term Acceptance Rate (LTAR) of the soils and determine if a limiting layer is present.