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Geotechnical Design Services

Land development often is confronted by unique geotechnical, geologic and topographic conditions requiring specialty design and construction approaches. Those conditions include steep slopes, abrupt constructed grade changes, swelling soils and bedrock, collapsible soils, deep undocumented fills, abandoned landfills, brownfield sites, groundwater, and geologic constraints such as rockfall, debris flows and unstable slopes.

Geotechnical design services and/or geotechnical engineering consultation provided to specialty contractors include:

  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) and Soil Nail retaining walls
  • Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS)
  • Rockfall mitigation
  • Ground improvement to increase bearing and reduce settlement, including dynamic compaction, aggregate piers, and geogrids
  • Soil amendment to reduce swell potential and stiffen pavement subgrades
  • Subsurface drainage, including underdrain systems for buildings and pavements, interceptor drains, and groundwater seepage management
  • Water Impoundment liner systems
  • Instrumentation for monitoring slope and building movement, and groundwater levels