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Falling Weight Deflectometer

Nondestructive testing services consist of pavement structural evaluation through the use of a Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD). The FWD is a system for performing nondestructive testing of roadway, parking lot, and airfield pavements, both flexible and rigid.

The results of the FWD testing can be used to evaluate the following key structural aspects of an existing pavement:

  • Pavement condition and load carrying capacity
  • Uniformity of the pavement structure
  • Strength characteristics of the individual pavement layers
  • Resilient modulus, or subgrade strength, of the underlying subgrade materials
  • Pavement deficiencies resulting from defective construction procedures
  • Load transfer efficiency of joints and cracks in rigid pavements
  • Detection of voids under existing pavements

Data collected from FWD testing as indicated above, and information resulting from the deduction of that data, are used to determine cost-effective designs and solutions to existing and future pavements.  The information, used in conjunction with AASHTO or applicable state or local pavement design guidelines and anticipated future traffic loading information, will provide the following pavement design and/or pavement management information:

  • Estimated remaining life of the pavement
  • Overlay requirements
  • Reconstruction or new construction pavement sections