Construction Materials Testing

Construction Materials Testing (CMT) and Observation/Third Party Inspection

Success and longevity of the project is based on adherence to the plans and specifications and construction documents. Quality control and/or quality assurance is an essential part of a project. QA/QC consists of construction material testing (CMT) and observation/third party inspections performed by an independent and reputable entity like K+A.

CMT at K+A is performed by certified and experienced engineering technicians. Engineering technicians are trained in-house in soils, concrete, asphalt, rebar, steel, and masonry. Typical certifications include NICET, ACI, PTI, AWS, ICC, LabCAT, and WAQTC.

We provide these services on a full time and/or part time basis and adhere to the requirements outlined in the project documents. Our commitment to quality has resulted in K+A being selected for numerous large and small projects and repeat business from private and public-sector clients.

Web-Based Reporting
MetaField is a field information management system that will be used by our field staff, laboratory technicians, project managers, principal engineers and administrators to schedule, dispatch, test, collect and assemble results. MetaField enables data-driven decision making and project execution by automating the process of gathering, aggregating and analyzing field inspection data in real time. All project data will be collected and managed in MetaField to facilitate efficient workflows, allowing us to easily prepare and respond to our client’s requests for faster delivery of results and reports.

Construction worker with yellow equipment


  • Asphalt and Concrete Pavement Testing
  • Building Foundation Observation
  • Concrete Observation and Testing
  • Concrete Maturity
  • Construction Management Assistance
  • Earthfill Placements and Compaction
  • Fireproofing Material Observation and Testing
  • Masonry Observation and Testing
  • Utility Installation Observation
  • Reinforcing Steel Observation and Testing
  • Special Inspections: as required by ICC
  • Structural Steel Observation and Testing
  • Post Tension Observation
  • Floor Flatness Testing
  • Relative Humidity Testing
  • Adhesive Anchor Observation
  • Wood Framing Observation
  • Chemically Treated Subgrade (CTS) Testing and Observation


Thank you again for your support on this project.  You (James Parker) and your team delivered exceptional service.

You are lucky to have an employee like Lena (Fowlkes). Her professionalism, flexibility, and can do approach to accommodate my needs were exemplary. She really went the distance to help make things happen. And her attitude/pleasant humor is hugely appreciated.

Equally up to par is field fella Chris (Newberry). He is always a pleasure to have at the site and makes it happen, no matter how we jostle around the work and call in a panic.

Look forward to more successful projects with the help of good people like you have (at Kumar).

Working at Kumar & Associates has been a great experience. The company treats its employees with the utmost respect and appreciation. The mentorship and coaching for me as a young engineer has been a blessing and has helped me grow as I work towards my P.E. The company is privately held, employee-owned, and well-established in the industry. I am thankful for the opportunity to work here and the investment that has been made in me by Kumar & Associates.