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K+A Annual Holiday Donation 2023

As one of our Core Values, Kumar & Associates, Inc. believes that Giving Back to our community helps us create a stronger bond with the communities that we work within.  During 2023, K+A donated to Freedom Service Dogs.

Every year during the Holiday Season, K+A contributes to a cause or charity that our employees and company feel is important to our community.  For K+A’s 2023 Annual Holiday Donation to Freedom Service Dogs by holding a competition between offices.  Each office had their employees submit monetary and non-monetary donations and the total amount that was collected was taken as a percentage of the amount of staff at each office to make scoring fair.  In addition to the employee donations, K+A matched the amount that was donated by employees in a final amount of $3,000. When delivering the Kong Toys®, Cheerios, and money to the FSD’s office, we got a complimentary tour of the facility and got to meet some furry friends.

Our Colorado Springs Office had the highest amount donated for the staff based out of there!