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2021 Summer Intern – Trevor Hott

Kumar & Associates’ (K+A) 2021 summer intern was Trevor Hott, from Saint Anselm College  in Manchester, NH.  Trevor will be a Senior for the 2021-2022 school year studying physics with an engineering focus and a minor in math.  While at school, he also plays on the men’s varsity ice hockey team.

During his time at K+A, he was able to “expand his knowledge in the geotechnical engineering world” and really enjoyed that the working atmosphere helped him to “become more involved with the professional field”.

Al Yelton, P.E. at K+A’s Denver Office, expressed that Trevor has “taken a tremendous load off of the engineering daily to-dos” and that his departure back to school will definitely be felt. It sounds like he’s already devising a plan to get him to return.

After his anticipated graduation in the spring of 2022, he plans to attend grad school to focus on the entrepreneurial side of the engineering field. Hopefully after all of that hard work, he’ll want to return to Colorado to “embrace the incredible fly-fishing, camping, and backpacking spots around the state” that he so enjoys. He has a brother that resides in Denver to come back and visit, and hopefully we’ll see more of him too! From all of us at K+A, we enjoyed having Trevor on board and wish him the best of luck in his senior year!